The game is taking it's toll, your thoughts?

Not exactly an easy question, but I'm curious what you think to do when you have tried all the cliché answers in dating and it seems to give the same result. For example, don't date co workers, play the numbers game, take time off and work on yourself, etc. Every time it leads me down the path of finding someone who is damaged. It makes me think of the Einstein quote on insanity that doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. But it's more of trying everything and getting the same result. I've worked on myself to the point I am not sure anything is left lol

regardless, If you have tried all these sage like answers and found nothing, I'm curious if anyone has found their answer to this dating game puzzle?

edit: when I say damaged, I'm going more from the seriously damaged angle of abuse, schitzophrenia/typal, etc. that cause high degree's of trust issues. Things I would strongly recommend a person see a councilor for, that I can not help in. Thanks for helping bring on some clarification


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  • IMO everyone is damaged. Everyone has issues. Everyone comes with something you'd rather not deal with. That's just a part of life. Especially over the age of 30. Most of the people you will encounter have been in a failed relationship, or have a child or two, or both. Your not going to find an undamaged specimen of a person. There are no perfect people. You'll have to decide what flaws you can and can't live with for any person that you want a long term relationship with. Just as they will have to accept your flaws.


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