Guys- Would this annoy you or should I just text him?

So I'm dating this guy and we are long distance and texting is our main form of communication because its quick and easy and can be done between classes.

He hasn't returned my text since Sunday, and we normally text everyday. So this is a little weird. But his school closed due to bad weather today, so I'm sure he's been out doing whatever right now.

But since he didn't text back, does this mean he's not interested anymore and I should back off?

Or should I wait until tomorrow for a response? Or should I just text him?


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  • Act cool, and give him a call. You should try to incorporate talking to phone in addition to texting.

    You may enjoy texting and it is easy between classes, what about after class?

    Your line of communication about your relationship seems missing. Do you actually even know you are dating?


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