Why doesn't he want to have sex with me?

The guy I've been talking to is married. He said he was ok with having a fling and I agreed because I don't want a relationship. He texts me about wanting to have sex but on the few times we have met he won't make a move. He knows I'm willing but won't touch me. I ended up blowing him and that's all he wants to do now. Why would he keep telling me he wants to have sex, but won't touch me?


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  • Maybe he is telling you that because it is what he wants but "can't always have what you want" Its just a fling and he don't want to get serious. So just keeping it on a safe level is good for him. He definatley might want to though so he tell you that...also to keep you coming back. He know if he told you he didn't want to have sex with you, you probably would not be his little fling anymore.

    Even though I don't agree with this...I hope my response helped.

    As long as he is getting pleasure he doesn't have to do more.


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  • There can be several reasons like:

    1. attachment to is wife

    2. cultural

    3. not confident if he would be able to satisfy u, which may be bcoz of a bad exp with his wife

    4. he may just be teasing u

    now why he keep saying may be bcoz

    1. he knows you want it and he don't want to loose u

    2. he sometimes think lets do it but when time comes he can't proceed bcoz of some reason

    3. he may just be teasing u


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  • Here's a better question: Why would you pick a married man to have a fling with and what makes you think you're the only one he'd be doing this with? Really, have some respect for yourself, him and his wife. This is just gross on so many levels. You are treading in some sticky waters here. You're just a fling so don't expect any special treatment. Maybe to him a fling is getting a bj and justifying his actions as not having sex.

    • I agree.There's so many guys out there that don't want commitment so why don't you find someone that's single?

  • Of all the single men in the world who just want a fling, you have to pick a married man. He obviously has no respect for his marriage or for you since he went along with this thing in the first place. Seriously, just give it up. Him getting a blow job doesn't count as having sex in his mind so if his wife ever asks, his guilty conscience will be free because he didn't the sex that she's asking about. Do yourself, him and his wife a favor and end the BS.

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