Met a guy at a bar he text me the same night. Is he blowing me off now?

So I met this guy who seemed really nice, he was very flattering even though I was giving him shit (somewhat jokingly) about it all night.I even told him that I wasn't going to sleep with him if that was his game, we did kiss though.

Anyway he asked for my number and told me he would text me that night, and he did confirming our date for Saturday.(it was Friday at the time) I assumed for some reason he meant next Saturday and agreed.

The next day he text asking if we could go out later in the week because of a work related thing. I said that was fine because I thought he meant next weekend anyway. But its Wednesday now and he hasn't text to confirm a day. Is he blowing me off?

Thanks for reading! lol


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  • Yes, he assumed you were not serious about sleeping with him. When he figured you really meant that, he changed his mind about a date.

    Probably he found someone more willing, maybe that same night!


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