Why I don't think I could date someone really attractive?

This may be a completely awkward example, but here it goes.

I have a sister who guys find really, really good looking.

I went out to breakfast with her today and right when I walked into the store, I'm assuming people though it was my girifriend since there was no indication of anything else.

So, right when I walk in, all of the guys look at her, and then start sizing me up, looking me up and down.

Now, I'm not a bad looking guy, but it does make me feel super insecure as if they're saying "This guy, with her?".

I notice it anytime I'm out with her too, and it's almost to point where I wanna be like "Bro, she's my sister. RELAX".

Has anyone ever noticed this? With... an actual girlfriend lol !


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  • Sweetie, when they see your "hot sister," and of course, don't "blink an eye" that the dude with her may or may not be a boyfriend, they probably "look you up and down" as to say,"I wish she were mine, dude," in a "disgustingly ENVIOUS" manner.

    Like many girls out there, men can be just as catty and forthright," if even with their " "cat eyes," so don't give this a thought, or let any stud muffin out there intimidate you. In essence, probably just are jealous, and as I will also add in passing: Wishful thinking.

    Hope I made you feel better, handsome! No more "super insecure.":))xx


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  • I think there are many guys who feel the same way you do. That's good because not every girl is really attractive and that shows there is someone out there for everyone.You'd probably do better with an average or cute girl instead of one who is really really fine.

    • The thing is, I'm nowhere near shallow. Cute girls I love. But even with a cute girl

  • Insecurities and low selfesteem, if an attractive really likes you, less panicking of if your attractive or not. "If they cannot aceept you then there not for you".

  • Are you unattractive yourself?


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  • Yeah. They see her, and they look at me, and they think 'f*ing tall guys'.


  • Nope. I'm considered hot with a nice bod. Most guys don't waste their time with trying to compete with me.