Why he text me all out of sudden?

long story short, we were friends and had a one hot night, I think we do like a bit each other back then, but the distance is far away so we never thought we will ever work, and I started to have feelings towards him ever since that night so I know its not gonna work, so I was acting a bit distance and cold to him as well.. as I feel like I made a mistake because I do have feelings towards him but I had sex with him so I decieded just moved on.

he text me sometime but not often, we didn't talk for months, he suddenly text me this morning and wishing me happy Chinese new year, and told me he has a girlfriend and ask me about my situation - my heart dropped but I wish said congrats to him, but I feel terribly don't want to go on the topic, I claimed that I'm single. but he keep asking rather if I'm seeing anyone/or any potential dates at the moment.

i know it sounds like I'm thinking too much but I got to say I got feelings towards this guy, and all out of the sudden he seems just dropped a bomb on me - is he just do that because he want to showing off? do guys do that?


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  • Guys are different, You just have to take his personality into account, I personally don't that he's lying, but I barely know him, Just calm down and think positive, Everything in life, happens for a reason, whether you see it or not.

    • You are the only person answered my question! Thank you so much! I like how you sending me these positive thoughts - it sounds real good advise to me and you are very mature if you are really below 18 years old like your profile said! :) but anyway thank you!

    • Your very welcome, and being this mature has its advantages and disadvantages lol.

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