What to do now guys reposnse please?

Dating a guy for about 2 weeks-dates-texts great time. he's having some stressful things going on job, daughter...we went from texting 50+a day to 5 times. He says all is fine just be patient and RELAX...what do I do not text, its so hard as I like him so much. If I stop communication does it make me seem not interested anymore as I don't want that to happen! :(


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  • texting 50+ times a day?

    He clearly saw the phone bill!

    • haha texting is free..lol

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    • Oh sorry ;) It's a British slang ...vulgar, which is why I put the " ;) " to try to soften it - otherwise here's an explanation link

    • it was an expression of surprise on my behalf ;) ...a good surprise

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  • Offer to let him talk to you on the phone about what is going on. Text him asking if you can talk on the phone during during the day or at night so he can get all the stressful stuff off of his chest.

    • thanx for your feedback-he did call and he explained everything I just feel like its not enuff to hold on...he said the people that don't stress him and are patient stay in his life, the others don't make the cut...ughh but thanks for your help !

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