Guys who text less when dating is it normal?

Is it normal for guys to text you less when your dating ? I've been seeing a guy for a while now but at the moment were studying at different parts of the country so its hard to see each other unless I come back at the weekends. Still texts me everyday but takes ages to text back, usually late at night. what does this mean? Its also annoying cause I will have seen him be on whatsapp but still hasn't responded to my text. Am I over reacting lol?


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  • Sweetie, let me tell you right now, I am a pro when it comes to "getting a text tom's number," believe me. Many guys have motive behind this when they sporadically text, which this is not in your case, and a normal human being one when they "actually DO text."

    If tom is texting you EVERY DAY, but you don't "get it"---until "ages later"-----don't get your cute little panties twisted, because the main thing with a "text tom" is, as long as it is EVERY DAY, or at least every other day, depending where they are and what they are doing, you are still in the running.

    Yes, you are over reacting, so just relax, and sleep well tonight knowing that if he even bothers to "push a button," thank your lucky dreamy stars, he is still into you and --into texting.

    When a guy loses interest, he will barely text, barely call, and barely even know you exist anymore. This is a red flag, and one to definitely look for, should your tom or---just any tom---go on the prowl and just "disappear..."