He didn't ask for a second date, but agreed to one?

So I've been out with this guy last week. When we said goodbye he asked "So let's do this again?" and I said yes.

Then he messaged me few days later saying he had a good time and we talked a bit, but he never asked for a second date. So I asked and he agreed.

Either way though, is this just one of those "He's just not that into" situations?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Probably he just doesn't wnt too many formal dates,

    ; He wants a more casual and undefined relationship, and hey, the days when the guy always has to be the one asking...are rapidly disappearing, thanks be.!

    • You mean he was looking for casual sex? He didn't strike me as someone like that

    • Not necessarily casual sex, but an undefined, spontaneous relationship, not candlelit dinners with him always having to plan everything..

What Girls Said 1

  • Not necessarily.

    I know a couple of guys from my past have said that they were waiting for me to ask for the second date. That they showed their hand by asking me out for the first date, and wanted some confirmation that I was as into them too. He brought up the idea of a repeate straight away, and was just waiting for you to make a more decisive move.

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