Would it be weird to kiss his cheek?

My crush and I are pretty close to the point where people feel like he and I are dating. We sit together at lunch, have common interests, text, call exc... I always joked around about him being my crush until he turned out to be my crush and I'm pretty straight foreward so I told him, I don't really know if I like you or not. Being a teen, its an immature would out there. I am used to hugging and kissing and stuff but I don't know how he'd take it. Guys how would you feel if a girl kissed your cheek randomly? regardless whether you like her or not. I don't think he's repulsed by me though.


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  • As a girl's FIRST "point of view" sweetie, it seems you and your "cutie crush" are hitting it off, and "close to the point," where you both seem comfy, cozy with one another in this friends with no benefits relationship. And being a teen it is not just "immature," but tough to BE a teen today, for what society we live in, and often what society expects from their today's teens. I realize it isn't easy.

    It's great you are not one of those young girls who can't give or receive some "loving feelings," you might say, but when it comes to "kissing crush," being he is still at that adolescent age, and you are still at that stage of "new found friends," it's still fresh yet, you're still in this "friends zone" , and a "stolen kiss," as they call it, may not only embarrass him, but make him feel not so "comfy, cozy." Yes, THINGS might get "weird."

    I know how it is with some "big boys," out there and THAT, as well, is an "immature" world in which THEY live. They get scared at the drop of their ball caps, and run the other way if you mention "random relationship." The bigger they are, the harder, they fall, to sort of speak. Not that every one is like that, but just to tell you now as a "teeny teen", to prepare you in life, when you get "more mature," and guys are then more than a "school girl crush," sweetie. As a "big girl," I can tell you THAT isn't easy, either.

    To get back to the "chic cheek" deal here. IF you DO want to "show him randomly" that you like him, start with an affectionate "pat on the hand", perhaps even a "quick squeeze", and watch for his reaction. Good place to start and---you will be able to tell by this "random check" if he does gets"repulsed" or----he reciprocates.:))xx

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