Long time for a reply? Am I being played or does he have a girlfriend?

I understand people can be busy, but this guy takes 2-3 days to reply back to my message. Not a "serious" conversation but I am sure he has a lot of free time to reply back. The thing is when he des reply back, he uses emojis which sometimes can be a good sign. We got together for a meetup and he was being sexual and flirtatious. He was also asking personal questions and what kind of boyfriends I like and also touching my arm, leg, and waist/chest area (we met up at the gym and worked out together).

Another thing I asked if he had a girlfriend since he asked me the same, he said no but the thing is I've seen him hold hands with a girl a while back and when he's alone, he's texting on his phone.

If he's flirting and stuff, why would he not engage in a text convo?

Helpful info: we used to text a lot and flirt a lot. He had asked me out a couple times but it didn't work out to that level.


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  • Texting on his phone, when he's alone doesn't mean anything. You don't know who he's texting. It could be a male friend.

    "...but I am sure he has a lot of free time to reply back"

    Again just speculation on your part.

    He seems attentive when he's around you. As to why he is not texting you quicker? Maybe he's getting lazy.

    The only way to find out is to ask him. In person. Not by text.


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