Did my date go well?

Hello !

So I met this guy about a week ago, we exchanged numbers and he's been texting me every single day, he's so into me and everything, and he told me we were going to spend Valentine's day together, and we also had a date last night.

So we met up, and we instantly clicked, we went to a bar we talked for 2.5 hours, no awkward silences, it just felt really natural, he has a lot of conversation, and he made me feel really comfortable, usually I'm shy but with him I feel I can be myself, and I talked a lot as well. We just clicked, he offerd me a ride home, and he said see you soon.

But we didn't kiss, because I want to take it slowly, I don't know if he wanted to anyway. In my opinion the date went perfectly well.

And so now, it's been an hour and a half since we left eachother but no text, nothing, before he used to send me plenty texts, but nothing. So I sent him "Thanks for this evening, I really enjoyed it", and he texted me back "Me too gorgeous :)", and then nothing, I really feel like he didn't enjoy it, or something went wrong, because he seems cold, I don't know help me !

Thank youuu, we're both 19 by the way.


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  • It sounds like it went well, and the fact that he said "me too gorgeous" sounds like he must have enjoyed it. Hmm. Maybe wait a little bit, maybe he has something going on at the moment?

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