He says he misses me and likes me and whants to spend time with me, but?

Well, there is the guy asks me to hang out smtimes , we have some common friends so smtimes we hang out with others as well, every tine he sees me he can't stop kissing me and makes complimants on me, but he doesn't contact me. And last time he told me "when I see U, I miss U, I wanna stay with you and like you, but when I don't see you I don't miss you" and I said "same here", his answer was "good that we're on the same page". So any ideas ? Is there anything I can do make him more interested?


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  • He's not serious. There is a mental and emotional barrier in his mind and soul that is preventing him from fully loving you. if you choose to pursue him, it will be something he is going to have to overcome in his heart, or he will never be fully yours. It might sound like a good idea, or even like a simple fix, but the truth is it might take years for him to recognize his issue, and additional years of working it out.

    • I see, thanks a lot for your answer, I really apreciate. But actually o tried to stop seeing him and drop contact with him but everytime he comes and persuades me, I don't know why he doesn't let me go if he doesn't love me. Even he had a new chatting app and added me firstly, so I am kinda confused

    • It doesn't change what I said. Some men sue what available resources they have to chase a woman, but never intend on giving her all of himself, which is what he should do. If men gave women all of themselves, there would be no cheating, and there'd be a lot more happy women out there. Don't trick yourself into believing he can give you himself like that. Trust your instincts about him. Ignoring them is dangerous.

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