Should I congratulate his birthday?

The guy I was seeing for smth like 3 months I found out that only wants to have sex with me , nothin' serious, so I decided to forget him. And his b'day is in a week , so is it a good idea to text him "happy b'day" or I should just forget everything about him? Also he wants us to be friends so I don't know if it's a good idea to be friends with him

Also last time we were chatting he was texting me really strangely so I asked him if there was anything I should know, he just told me "you are over thinking it,don't worry about it". So don't know if it's worth if I congrt on his b'day or he is gonna think different things?


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  • Being your "friend with benefits only mind set" was honest enough with you to admit he only wants "one thing," then I don't see any thing to--"worry about, either." He has said he wants you for a friend, he and you are apparently "talking text turkey," and it must have been pretty "semi-foul" if he told you "you are over thinking, don't worry."

    So don't do either one, sweetie. Send him a polite, considerate "Happy birthday" message, nothing too "heavy, just short and semi-sweet," and wait and see if he responds. More than likely, the "birthday boy" will, and when he sees this"non over thinking, no worries" kind of signal, he will find out he has perhaps---a friend for life.

    If you just want too, to be friends with him, then treat him and----your relationship as just so. It will keep things from being "really strange"and most of all---you both from ever being---"estranged."xx


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  • Go with or 1st mind. He is saying you for a boitu call. Forget him. Now if he sends you s happy best text you can reply back but sounds like a playboy to me.

  • I would stay awAy

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