Is a group date better than a date?

If I know a girl for a few weeks and she has already invited me to hang out,should I ask her on a date or make it a group date?

She asked me out first but she seemed to imply a group thing.

Is it better to propose a group thing when I call her again in order to do some flirting and create interest or be blunt from the start?

I just fear that the first option may get me to the friend zone.

But in case she doesn't want a date, it ruins the chance I have to flirt and try to make her interested during a group date.

So what is your opinion?


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  • I think group dates are good only on 2 occasions... When you don't really like the person and somehow ended up saying yes to the date, or when you're already in a relationship with said person and are comfortable with each other and can have fun with other couples tagging along...

    However, if you've never dated this person, and you actually like her, in m opinion group dates are not a good idea.. you won't get to talk to her or ask her things you'd probably ask her if you were alone with her, especially if one of you or both of you are timid.


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  • It's more interesting but it depends how intimate you want to be - if you want to get really close to somebody - a group date doesn't allow for that.


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