How do you turn around a streak of bad luck with dating?

I've just had a stretch where every lead seems to go no where and just lots of bad luck , I don't know how to turn it around . its not that there hasn't been some interesting options its just nothing has really worked out or even lead to successful dates


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  • Sacrifice and dedication. I had a streak of bad luck with other things - when I first came back to school after being out of school for a long time - I couldn't sleep properly for a full month cause I had forgotten how to do academic work and be a student. Same when I started my first job - it was extremely challenging for me. I'm in my second year of school and I'm still sleep deprived 2-3 times a week cause I have difficulty waking up early in the morning but through perseverance I am gaining ground. I started off with a C - then got an A - Now I have 100% in school (for this term anyway)


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  • I have the worst luck ever as well. I went one countless first dates but it's either they aren't interested or I am. There were two men that I had second and more dates and both of them ended up dumping me. Both told me that they are kind of depressed and aren't in a good place right now.

    I'm sad that I couldn't find someone who cares me as much as I care about them. It's just hard and I feel I'm not appreciated for being nice to those men. I treated them nothing but nice... Dating sucks... :(

  • Do you know the Law Of Attraction? You attract what you feel most of the time. You're upset over dating disappointing guys? Always think about the things you didn't like about them, like the way they act? It doesn't matter that you don't want those qualities... Focusing on them you're putti g yoursel on the same frequency and that's what you're goint to get... Last guy Ai went out was everything I wanted... Then I had problems and grew anxious over them and him et voila... he took a big step back. Google law of attraction :)


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  • Give up then on traditional 'dating' and meet people through common interests, outdoor activities, or at bookstores, lectures, places where you find those looking for more meaningful relationships.

    In these days, wait for a female to ask YOU to get will happen!

    • well yeah true its better to try and date people you have interests in common than just someone you found attractive at bar / or cause of online profile . I live in a smaller town and there just doesn't seem to be a lot of options here to meet people period

    • It should be easier to meet people in 'organic' ways in a small town. Flirt with someone right away when you meet them.

      The word will get around and those who want some fun will seek you out.

  • What pond are you fishing in?

    What kind of fish are you?

    What kind of fish would you want, if you were a woman?

    What steps must you take to be that kind of fish?

    • Why are you obsessed with fish analogies?

    • I meet some girls at local bars during summer and till now , it was weird like nothing would work out even girls that initially showed interest and promise , seemed to go sour later on . I also tried some online dating , got a few replies that seemed interested but failed to materialise . I'm not really sure what kind of guy these girls would want , I suspect some have unrealistically high standards in guys if they would reject me . also did just join a gym and realize that's an area to improve

    • Bars. The place girls expect men to buy them a drink. I'm sure there are good bar girls, I just don't see you have much luck.

      Same with online dating. I think online dating is for an older generation that is having trouble finding people.

      Don't join a gym. Join something like cross fit or iron tribe. You'll basically become a little family there. People will hook you up. It's good social practice too. It's all about networking! Good luck!

  • Work hard. Hard work guarantees everything like the rich say.

  • You might be more successful then me! I don't get dates, girls just dismiss me from the beginning. In fact when I gained the courage to say hi to a girl, my response was "eww get away from me". I have gotten that on several occasions and is the reason why I would never approach a girl again!

    • I didn't necessary get dates with some of these girls but did party with some of them . I have too had bad experiences when just trying to meet or say hi to some of these girls , the behaviour from some of these girls is rather off at times I notice

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    • there are some that are a waste of time even trying to get to know or approach in any way . however some are worth the effort and are fun to be around . girls often say they want a guy that loves them however there often focused on looks and money more than anything else

    • Humans have lust and greed in their hearts. It makes them wicked! I have never met a girl that wasn't wicked. Even if she seemed a innocent angel, no she was still wicked!