Should I just back off?

We used ta b 2gether and now were not and she's dating this ass hole of a guy and I try dating but she's all I think about...I'm wondering she I just leave her b or try my best to b with here I just want her to be happy is the same time I don't wanna b heart broken..


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  • You should let by-gones be by-gones.

    If it's over and she's moved on, I think you need to give her the space she wants and accept it.

    If she really loves you, she'll realise her mistake and come back. But don't push it

    You need to learn to be happy on your own before you can move on.

    Who knows, this new dude of hers could be a 'rebound guy' which may or may not last. Only time will tell.

    • I've ben told this soooo many times lol and even me and her hav talked about it and said sumn close ta this jus needed an outside opinion

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  • let her be, funny enough leaving her alone is probably your best chance of getting her.. but don't hold your breathe on it.

  • let her enjoy the ride with that guy. you can't force her to be with you.