How long after no reply is it OK to give up?

I met this guy online, he asked for the first date but I for the second one and well he said he wanted to, but when it got to scheduling he didn't reply.

I do like him, I think we just clicked, but if he sees it differently that's OK too, it's just the uncertainty that's killing me. So what when should I give hoping for an answer.

I just messaged him yesterday, but he usually replies really fast, so I guess this time he doesn't want to, right?


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  • You sent him a text and if he doesn't reply then I say move on and don't worry about him... he'll resurface when he's ready... don't forget it is super bowl I say party on! and forget about him.

    • I'm not from the US, so we don't watch superbowl

    • Oh shoot! I'm sorry to make that assumption... either way don't worry too much about him... who knows he could be nervous and or procrastinating... wait and see... and in the meantime take care and go on and enjoy life.

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  • I'd say 4 days. Maybe he's following that 3 day rule


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