Really confused with her. What should I do?

So there is this girl I met 2 weeks ago.

For a week we seen each other everyday.

She did some stuff to show me that she enjoys, like canceling meeting with her friends/ ending her shift earlier to meet with me. And gave some sexual signs like showing me her Underwear(on her).

I was really into her and didn't wanna screw up so I told her:" I really like you and I want you, I'm telling you Because I didn't wanna ruin what we have with some act and I wanna hear your opinion..she said I have nothing to say then covered her face with both hands and told me lets talk about this 2marrow, next day we didn't call each other, day after that I tried to reach out by SMS and a call got I started to accept that it's over she called me few days after my attempt, I was asleep and didn't answer as I woke up I tried calling-no answer, next day she called and asked me how I am and what I'm doing..I asked her if she wanna go out and grab a beer/coffee she told me no and that she doesn't wanna talk to me after what I said(wtf?why did you call then), a friend told me maybe she didn't understnd/wanted an opology so I smsed her:"sorry I screwed this up, I'm an idiot:) " she replied with a smiley.

Now she doesn't answer again..whats going on here?What should I do?


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  • This girl is not worth it. She never wanted something serious with you (not yet anyway). She obviously was physically attracted to you and all these things she did to attract you was her playing with fire - sexual chemistry. As soon as you told her you liked her and basically acknowledge the things you guys have been up to, she became distant because this was way to fast for her and acknowledging the things going on in this case, totally put out the fire and she lost the special attraction for you. This is all her own fault for leading you on. What did she expect?

    Any questions just ask.


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