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Hi to everyone! First of all sorry for long question. This is my first post on any forum till now. I like one girl, we are both students. She has a boyfriend that is no longer near her, I mean long distance relationship(and it will be for a LONG time, few years like), they were not even for a long together, maybe few months beffore he had to leave country, I think this is cooling down between them. I like her a lot, I got a crush on here, honestly. When ever I walk by, she smiles, she always look at me, and I think whenever I turn around she is always verry near me, she even seat reverse a lot of times (I guess so she could see me siting in upper part of the class.). She was teasing me constatly, and she is smiling on my jokes always(btw I am funny guy, seriously). I told that Because I know that those are good indicators. BUT, when I text her online she could just ignore sometimes, and don't respond with bye or see you. good night etc...she use emoticons a lot in text with me, she once send me wigle once and thigns like that. I never had any relationship and I am 8 year older. I am not some unexpirienced looser, I had sex etc..dont want to brag about that. Honestly, I know I look good, I was poppular guy in high school, I know that a lot of girls liked me, but I was afraid of being hurt or afraid of relationship and never had anything beside sex, everyone thought that I was arogant jerk who is using people. I want relationship, I am dying for it right know, I changed all my life, I am lot better know, but still I am insecure (problem is no one even think about that Because I always act macho). What to do? Please tell me, if I got rejected it would ruin my self esteem and ego, I just don't want to fail, couldn't stand that. I had problems and bad things in my past, car accidents, lost of best friend, injuries, surgeries, rehabs...i was depressed etc...Now I am trying to go on with my life and to live my life like normal guy. I want to be with her, and I want to do that in the best way so I could get her, don't want one night sex, I know that sounds gay but I want to hold her hands and be romantic etc...offcourse I am sexual person, that's not even point, but I want relationship! What is best thing to do that, to check if I have some chacne with her? Also rember that she have a boyfriend, and she is HOT, she knows that, she knows that she is a gold mine for a lot of guys! Or I should just give it up, cut the agony, continue with study, job, training, looking for one night sex till I find new oportunity. Please help me, just please girls, I need that one, be honest and real!


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  • I personally think it is a bad idea if you try to "chase" her because she already has a boyfriend, it doesn't matter if he isn't near her, they are a couple. And I think that if you and this girl do something together or whatever then it is a bad thing and not a good thing for you, because if she cheats on his boyfriend with you then the chances are extremely high that she will cheat on you with someone else etc.

    • Thnx for answer, honestly I don't like idea to chase girlfriends that are in relationship, if she break up with him maybe then. By the way, do you think by the things I wrote that she likes me maybe? I know that those things I can find out just by asking her, but are those good signs?

    • Well yeah the things she is doing to you sound like signs that she likes, but I can't be sure about this. I think maybe she isn't happy enough with her boyfriend and maybe she doesn't really love him because if she would then she wouldn't give you these signs. Everything is possible..maybe she is just trying to be nice idk

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