My date reminds me of too much of my stepdad?

I started seeing this guy but it's apparent now I can't step into a relationship wih him.. He's scaring me. He reminds me so much of my stepfather who was kind of abusive. The way he talks, the way he looks. He's over 6 feet tall and has quite big bone-structure. When we kissed and I tried to stop him from getting forward he was already very determined not to listen to me. I let him drive him in front of my house, luckily he doesn't know my apartment number but there are only 20 of them in my house. He is always "joking" that I must come with him and he won't let me go next time. I have already told him we should take a break and see what happens but he doesn't listen to me, it's like he chose me as a target. I am freaking out. I don't know if he'll understand when I want to stop it completely. How to break it nicely? :(


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  • Kick him in the nuts.