How many days should you wait for the guy you're dating to text you back?

Some times we text everyday and some days we don't even talk for 3 days.

What would you say is a good time period to wait? He hasn't texted me back in a day, so its not that bad, its OK to not talk every day, I know that.

but how long is too long of a wait?


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  • 5 minutes is too long to wait.

    Don't WAIT for him to text you back. Just go on living your life, and if he texts you, great - text him back. If he stops for some reason, just keep doing what you're doing.

    Don't "wait" for him mentally and make a decision to cut him out of your life if he doesn't text for 3 days. That's stupid. Just go with the flow, text as it comes, etc.

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