Dating Fear - Motivation for saying 'yes' to a guy needed!

5 min before closing, a fairly good looking gentleman came into my store asking for a product. I kindly let him in to browse before closing. My manager tells me that the product he was looking for is sold out. my very charismatic way let him know that we are all sold out. He then leaves the store, smiling at me like no one usually does...

After closing, I rush out of the mall to go home and suddenly that same guy pops out of nowhere and walks with me! He asks me about my work, name, where I'm from etc...eventually asking for my number...

I freaked out. I got really nervous and told him I was seeing someone. This all came out without being filtered through my mind first. I turned around and left and didn't look back. And I have no clue where he went after that. But before leaving he did say that he'll see me at work again

I don't usually get asked for my number, infact this is probably the 2nd time I've ever been asked. But when I do get asked I completely lose it and freak out. How can I keep calm in front of guys? I honestly need constructive comments please help


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  • aw the awkwardness of life, he probably didn't mean to freak you out you just showed you had your guard up which is good. He just was nervous to, you can't really ask a girls number with her manager around.

    • Thanks Mystix ~ Guess if I may see him again - I'll talk to him properly

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  • just think they're the same species as you and I are just different sex. like plants and animals~! or get a little tipsy. I think he's going a little too fast with the questions though.

    • Thanks :) I thought so too! Creeped me out totally how he was waiting for me outside all that time!