I want to text him, help?

So I'm seeing this guy and we are long distance. Texting during the day is just quick and easy. But lately, he hasn't been returning my texts or just randomly stops responding.

The last time we talked at all was on Friday. I know he doesn't like to text, but this is a little excessive.

Is he not into me anymore?

Should I text him? (Last time I initiated the conversation first and I don't want to come off as clingy or weird) help?


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  • perhaps because your not being clingy he's not interested ... I'd love it if a girl takes initiative and is forward about things, and I'm sure some other guys would like it too

    plus your long distance and that's very difficult

    • Even if I started up the conversation last time too? That wouldn't look weird?

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    • Well I texted him last night and still no response.

      I assume I've done all I can do. :/

    • maybe your too late, and he moved on

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  • Same happened to me before and my crush told me that he is doing this just because I don't show so much interest in him.

    • but if I'm the one starting the conversation, doesn't that indicate I am showing interest? lol or am I missing something here?

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    • haha me too! OK good Friday isn't too long. starting to worry lol. thank you!

    • You are welcome, I wish you good luck and keep me updated haha !