Is dating this girl a bad idea? solution? please help!

Hi everyone. To start, I will make a long story, and if you need any details, please ask! OK, I've known this gal for over a year now, and we had been off and on since we met. I Met her while visiting my hometown two hours away, and initially, we hit it off very well. After four or five months, our friendship went downhill. For one, the distance kept us from becoming more than just friends. Secondly, she told me she had broken up with her ex of five years and that pretty much, she was afraid to start dating again. She always had a trust issue with me, and at the same time, I had the feeling she wasn't looking for more than just "friends with benefits". This alone, turned me off to the idea of continuing with her.

Skip ahead until a couple months ago. We hadn't spoken in over 3 months, and I break the ice. We start chatting back and forth for about a month, and at one point she asks me if I'm ever going to move back. I told her I was and she seemed excited. She told me she still had feelings for me and that she wanted to start over, but this time as friends and taking it slow! I don't know what she meant by this, but I went along with it. I end up moving a couple weeks later, and we start hanging out again, going to dinner, going out for drinks etc. After a month of doing this, she then asks me where I think we stand and I told her that Id like to keep seeing her as I thought things were actully going rather well. She then asks me if I wanted it to be exclusive. I told her yes and again, she seemed excited by my response.

Ok, this is where I get confused! We had this "relationship" talk a week ago on a Saturday night. Now my job requires some travel around the area, and I told her I was leaving for a week out of town. She said she was OK with it and then makes plans for us to go out when I get back. She ends up going out with one of her girlfriends afterward. Sunday morning, I ask her what's up, and invite her out for lunch. she's being evasive at this point, which is totally not her to do this. doesn't answer my phone call and and takes more than two hours to respond to a text I send her. Her responses are short and doesn't seem interested in talking to me. The whole week I was out of town, same thing. Try calling, no answer. Responds by text an hour later, and doesn't have much to say. I find this odd, because she's always glued to her phone!

Ok, I get back from my trip, and I try calling again. No answer. I send her a text asking her if she's OK, abd that's she's been acting weird the the past week. She tells me I'm making a big deal out of it and again, avoids the conversation. We had plans on going after I got back also that she pretty much forgot about. This too, set her off when I called her out on it and now she's ignoring me. Haven't seen her in over week now and Haven't heard from her in two days! I honestly don't know what I did to her to make her act this way toward me! what's going on here? How should I handle this?


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  • long story dude! i think that during the week you've been out of town.. something should have happened. not sure but she might had met someone of fuck with someone. or its just simply a way to show you her anger for your long absence since she has trust issues with you or that she has no trust in you... or she has an unstable personality!


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