Will she decide to want to date me?

I am str8 the girl is bi. Things are changing for me. We talk everyday all day now I think I am developing feelings for her we are friends but she still deals with her ex. She flirts and says things to me. I have also have done the same. Is there anything to sway her my way more? She let me know that she likes me compliments me tell me how attractive I am and yet her and the ex bump heads.Maybe other women can answer this.


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  • I am taking that the "other' is a guy or a girl?

    In my dating years, I have been on "both sides of the fence" with guys who either liked all guys, and some who were a bit more neutral, let's say. But somehow, some way, I fit in there somewhere...Smh...

    However, with one guy, who was all guy, but yet "girl-y,"(if you get my drift), we developed an odd relationship, and I really thought it was going to work. Aside from the "no show much" sex, it probably would have, but later, we found other avenues in our lives, and passed each other by. With another "more, milder" strange bed fellow, he was not into me as much as he was with his best guy friend. Not to say there was any hanky panky going on(not with his bud anyways), but other weird factors had me believing in the end, that he was looking elsewhere for some extra lovin', cos it wasn't with me.

    No, you can try all you want, but these kinds of "friends" are always going to use another back door when it comes to "other relationships." Sure, you can hang in there for the ride, but from my experience with that, it tends to get rocky, and when you have had just about enough, you jump ship.xx


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  • "I am str8 the girl is bi."

    "Is there anything to sway her my way more?"

    If you're trying to figure out how to get this girl to date you, then you're probably bi yourself.


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