Would you French kiss a guy (a family friend) if you weren't interested in him?

Let's say you meet a guy who's a family friend and the family only has great things to say about him.

You spend a day with him and he then takes you out to dinner.

After dinner would you go to the beach with him knowing he brought a bottle of wine with him?

Would you ever French kiss / makeout with him if you weren't interested in him?

  • In that situation I could see myself French kiss/ makeout with him if I wasn't interested.
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  • I only would French kiss/ makeout with someone if I was interested in them
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  • I couldn't make out with a family friend if I wasn't interested in him.
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  • This situation (even a family friend) I could see as just a hookup and makeout with him even if I wasn't interested.
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What Girls Said 1

  • I wouldn't french kiss someone I'm not interested in...


What Guys Said 1

  • If I was part of the mafia I might give someone the kiss of death which is were you give someone a kiss and they are marked for death. Under no other circumstance would I ever kiss a dude though I am straight.