How soon do you call after hanging out/date?

So this past weekend I met this girl that is unbelievably hot and cool to boot, through a friend of a friend. We talk all night, exchange numbers and hugs and I am invited to her friends party the next night in passing. I text her later and she respond the next day making sure I am coming to the party. We hang out and chill at the party, but its pretty tame and there are kids there and stuff so we don't get to really hang out that much. Anyway I leave, we hug again, she tells me to caller later this week because she's having a birthday party later this week. I text her the next day about something her friend and her were going to do the next day, but did not get a response. Do I call? Normally, I don't care when I just meet someone, but I can't remember being this attracted to someone in a long time so I am second guessing myself, plus I was married for 6 years so I am just getting back into dating after taking a year off from dating after my divorce.



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  • I wouldn't call. Always leave room for attraction. If you're not giving some space between you two, there's nothing to miss about each other but if you don't talk for a day or two she won't be able to help but miss you and want to text you. If you smother her she'll run. I had to learn it the hard way a long time ago. Girls see it as desperation if you text her/ call too much. They can sniff that a mile away and they run. Just play it cool man. You'll have her biting at the bait and it'll be "hook line and sinker". Show you have your own life and be busy. You're a man and men need to be busy and about their life. Show her you're laid back and not worried about it. That's attractive.. it shows confidence.

    It'll show her you hold value if you only talk to her 3 times a week. in the beginning stages of a relationship you need to do this. Trust me, she'll want you more. Plus, there's plenty of time for talking to her all the time later when you're in a committed relationship. So kick it back, have fun with her, and enjoy the ride my friend. Good luck.


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  • Well if you like her that much you can stop going to parties with her she prob only sees you as a party person and not much of someone she would date. if your into her call her

    • Took your advice... didn't answer and no call back. smh... Charging it to the game.

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