Is it possible to be too busy to text?

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My boyfriend has not responded to my texts in over 48 hours. We usually send a few texts every day. He said this week, this month in fact, was going to be busy with exams and what not but still…

We’re both busy college students, but I’m able to take 10 seconds out of my day to send a text. I’m quite sure he received my messages too. I have a life. It isn’t like I’m sitting around waiting for him, but it would have been nice to hear from him. I’ve considered that maybe he isn’t good at multi-tasking, as in be able to study for an exam without neglecting his girlfriend… But at the same time I feel like people make time for things they want to make time for. I’m feeling neglected.

Should his ignoring my texts, even if he is “busy”, be tolerated?


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  • not being too busy to text. but, not having the energy to text.

    I get this a lot! I have absolutely no energy to text due to school work! The thing is, he is putting his college before you. I know you are feeling neglected and he shouldn't be doing this! But, he is, because he is very serious about his career! Try to be patient with him. And, maybe talk to him about this. He shouldn't go 48hours without texting you for sure. But, communicate with him about it. He is neglecting you. But, talk to him. Try to reason with him. And, maybe, if you are able to be patient (which I couldn't!), he will realize how great you are for it.

    But, seriously, thinking about it, you are his girlfriend. So, he should contact you at least once a day. Being as you are both college students, you know how it is. And he knows that. Once a day shouldn't be a big deal. I mean, come on, he could at least say good morning, and good night!


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  • What's his major?

    • chemistry with econ minor.. It is no doubt intense.. but idk, it doesn't take much time to send a text message if you actually want to send one. I'm going to give it some time

    • I was a premed with a 4.0, so I got very busy at times, but always found the time to acknowledge the text and say I'm busy but I'll text you later or something. It'd probably be best to see if it continues and, if it does and it bothers you, then bring it up to him.

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  • It might not be the texting but the emotional distraction that he is trying to avoid by not texting you. He is probably actually busy with exams. Wait a while.

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