How often do you should contact someone you're seeing?

I have been seeing this guy for the past 2 months, and we kind of agreed on slowing down and letting things lead the way by themselves, but I'm always anxious about how often I should contact him without either coming off too pushy or clingy or seeming uninterested. (especially online).


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  • That's weird, who in the right mind would want to "slow" the relationship down and not like a girl who's pushy or clingy, for a guy's love etc. That guy is probably playing you or 2+ timing you .. If you want this guy you need to initiate and tell him what you want and not be worrying about looking desperate/clingy/needy/pushy or whatever otherwise you'll just waste your time

    so you ask How often do you contact someone you're seeing, simple ... EVERY possible moment ASAP or convenient. That goes for being with them in person too otherwise you'll seem uninterested to a guys point a view


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  • I have the same situation with my guy. We have been dating for 8 months and things are great. And I'm the type that doesn't want to seem desperate or clingy as well.

    So what I have done for the past 8 months is basically let him take the lead, who was it that wanted to take it slow, you or him? If him then I definitely think the ball is in his court to determine the pace of the calling.

    My rule of thumb is to give just enough attention that he knows you are still interested but at the same time give him some breathing room as well.

    Follow his lead. If he calls you then call him back. However many times he does it Id always return his calls.

    IF he doesn't initiate a call(at least for awhile make one call/text then let him take the lead after that.