Just got out of a relationship is it too soon to date?

It was about 2 and a half years and I left. I'm trying to fix myself, change my hair, my diet, my habits, and be healthier and fit. The biggest problem ofmy previous relationship, I sensed he was drifting away from me anyways. I drifted away first. There were core problems that couldn't be solved, in the end he chose sides.

It's been a month and about 2 weeks. I do get some male attention, but just wonder if I'm rushing myself?

I miss having fun and I miss a lot of things about couple stuff.

too soon? ok?

I'm wanting a relationship but not expecting anything.


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  • Sounds like your over your relationship, however why not enjoy your freedom a little longer, rediscover who you are. Learn what makes you happy, things you can't live without and things you. are OK with giving up. Focus on you first.

    • ah focus on my personal happiness, you do have a great point. well, I won't give it up if I'm having fun dating and seeing what's around. thanks :)

    • When you are ready for a relationship you will know.

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  • If you feel you're ready to date, go for it. There is no rule as to how long you have to wait.

    If you are thinking I'd like to go out with______. You're not rushing yourself.


  • If you feel ready go for it. You can't be waiting round all your life just cause you went through a bad time your life. That's what moving on is about. Pretend it is bad story in your life, that story is now closed, and moving on new chapter in your life.

    Its good idea, not to expect anything with regards to relationships, just take it as it comes. Expecting relationships to happen, is a big mistake. Expecting is the mother of all fuck ups. remember that.


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  • Its awesome you're fixing yourself for and to better yourself and to please you not anyone else and plus, you'll live!

    Well, I think it is to go back, let yourself heal in the heart as your working on your physical self, that's what I've been doing. In time sweetie, in time, all in good time.

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