Girl ignore 3th date invitation. hard to get or?

Im not native English so my English I very bad .. but still I have a question :)

I had two dates with a girl (from internet dating). The first time was a few weeks ago.

I asked her for a date ..she said `ì am not able at Friday, but saterday seems great´ so, we went out at saterday and dance at a few nightclubs in the city... I'm holding her hand with dancing and I kissed her goodnight (on the mouth) at the end of the night

a week ago I asked her for a second date at Thursday for saterdaynight (evening) but she ignored my initation (silence) but at Monday she tekst me for a second date at Thursday

so I had a second date with her and we drank (or drunk) coffee in a cafe , I asked her two days after this date for yesterdayevening

... but I have still nothing heard from her ... I know she did read my invitation but she ignored it ... I didn't sent her a message either


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  • Stalling on the second date was a message that she wasn't interested. Probably she was only going out the second time because it was an informal meeting.

    And she didn't have anything else going on!

    Third dates for many mean sleeping together..she's firmly against the third date, maybe because of this convention