How to answer online dating question?

I've met someone on a dating site and we are in the process of answering questions pre-determined on the site. I want advice on how to answer the following question:

Marriage is…

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An institution

Right for some, but not me

Something to hope for

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II'd like to see this guy's answer but need to answer it myself in order to do so. I was in a decades long marriage and would like to remarry someday, but I'm not rushed or desperate about it, so "something to hope for" would be an accurate response, but does it sound desperate? Also, I don't know how answering "an institution" would come across. For some reason, lots guys seem to consider a girl who wants to be married someday as being a predator, which is not the case. Guys, how would you interpret these two answers? The more feedback the better, please! :)

  • An institution
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  • Something to hope for
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  • Explain as you explained in this question
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What Guys Said 1

  • I will explain it this way, it is a good social institution and even a good spiritual institution that is to be hoped for for those who want it.


What Girls Said 1

  • If you do put "something to hope for" as your answer then if someone asks about it you can just explain to them exactly what you said here.

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