Going on my first date with my childhood crush of 11 years. How should I handle it?

I am going on my first date with the girl, my best friend, I had a childhood crush on for 11 years. She is going on a mission trip to Australia in a few months; so I finally decided to gain the courage ask her out before she left because I fear she might find someone in Australia before I ever get a chance. Thing is, I have no idea what to do for a date because I never went on one! It’s winter in Michigan; so all outdoor ideas are like the worst ideas (the weather is unpredictable). I decided on a dinner date at a little, local, family restaurant where we could talk about her mission trip; and talk about ideas of communicating to each other (letters, Skype).

I think she has an idea of I had a crush on her over the years because people teased me in front of her, but I’m not certain of it! Now, it’s not the big L.O.V.E. word. That’s too soon! She’s been one of the few girls all my life that’s ever been nice to me. She’s kind, sweet, outgoing, and such a free spirit! When I think of the word “happiness,” I see her smiling and doing something ridiculous that reminds me why I like her so much! She is one of my best friends, almost like a sister to me; but I always had that one feeling she is more special to me than all the other girls I been with.

Would a small dinner-date at a local family restaurant be enough for a first date, or should we go somewhere else? And should I tell her my feelings of having a crush on her for all these years? Would a hug after the date be too weak? Would a kiss be too much? I know she likes me for who I am, but I fear she might not like me like that or I might make her feel uncomfortable…


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  • be yourself and chill out...