HELP!! Exclusively dating to no contact. No idea why!

We have been on a fair few dates.

On our last date he says he wants us to date exclusively.

I was hesitant as I wanted the relationship work out and not be rushed.

Calls me the next day to arrange another date.

He than cancels on the morning of the date and doesn't reschedual.

Ask him a few days later if he is still interested in catching up. He responded positively saying yes I sure do.

I than ask him for coffee that arvo and he says he can't. I say I give up.

He has since blocked me on Facebook and ignored my text and call.

What has happened? I am so confused. Did he play me? Feel like he has sucked me in and is now pushing me away. Could he have somebody else?


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  • He had nothing to gain by playing you. I assume that he was sincere when he said he wants to be exclusive. I would guess that he reacted to you saying you gave up. That could be seen by some as having no faith or trust in him. It might be seen as needing to get your way or else. It's hard to have a positive reaction to that. What did you mean that you gave up?

    • Yikes, I never thought too much into saying that I gave up.

      I gave up on making plans with him. I thought that because he cancelled out last date and said no when I suggested getting a coffee that he wasn't interested anymore. Thought he was slowly trying to fade me out.

      I'm going to try and call him again. Try to sort things out.

    • That's a good idea. This may be a misunderstanding. Good luck and thanks!

    • I really appreciate your advice, thank you!

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