Talk to her for third date?

I had my second date with a nice woman last night. on the first day we met up for coffee. last night I picked her up and took her to dinner.afterwards I walked her to the door and gave her a hug. I should mention I'm horrible at reading signals and also a little shy in that area at first lol. I want to go out again, and last time, I asked her out the very next day. The thing is, she's pulling three extra hours at work today and tomorrow and already told me she can't wait to take the weekend to herself. should I send her a little text tonight that I hope things are going well, and not even talk about a date, or just wait until like Saturday morning and call her about one?


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  • just let her know your free this weekend if ever she wanna hangout, if not u'd totally understand her much needed personal time. aaand wish her a great weekend.


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