The guy I was dating cursed at me, should I leave him alone?

I was talking to a guy and I really liked him. I thought he had all the qualities that I was looking for. But he seems really hurt from his past ex's. He brings up the bad things that they did a lot. So me being a compassionate and caring person I always tell him that I'm sorry that he had to go through such horrible things and that they are out of his life for a reason. He claims he isn't hurt by his past but I disagree because if he wasn't he wouldn't talk about it all the time and think that I am similar to his ratchet ex's when I am not. Everything was going great until 2 days ago when he told me about another story from his past. Like always I tried to be kind compassionate and caring and I told him that I was sorry to hear that and that they aren't in your life for a reason. I told him that I know what it feels like to be lied to and betrayed as well. Then he just snaps and curses me out really bad but I did nothing wrong I just tried to be there for him and tell him it's better out here. And he says he has never been hurt and he doesn't know why I keep saying that. But I say that because he always brings up the past. I only say something encouraging when he talks about his past ex's, no other time . I felt totally disrespected and after that I don't look at him the same. No matter what the reason is you don't talk to someone like that. It made me wonder how he would react if we had a real argument. Am I wrong for not wanting to continue any type of relationship with him?


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  • No, you're not wrong at all, please do not start a relationship with this person. He's obviously been hurt badly before, and has some psychological issues. If he cursed at you for something that trivial, then he definitely will again, and probably worse if you have a real argument. Just the fact that he keeps talking about his exes is a red flag for me, he's obviously not over his previous relationships, and is looking for a rebound or someone to fix his hurt feelings. You're not a psychologist, and you shouldn't have to be. Find someone else that will make you happier, and be his friend if you want to help him, but don't date him.

    • Yea after he cursed me out I just looked at him differently. I really did like him but that just turned me off alot. I can be his friend but I don't want to date someone like this. It seems like he has a really bad temper. I don't think he is ready for what I have to offer.

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    • Yea it sucks because I really liked him =/ and after I put him in his place and told him how disrespectful he was and how I don't tolerate that he's been trying to be nice to me and he still wants to have me as his girlfriend. He texts me everyday.

    • I guess you'd be the best judge since you know him, but in my experience, he probably hasn't changed, he just feels bad and doesn't want to lose you. Which makes me sad, and I feel for him, he probably needs help, but it's likely that an incident like this will happen again, and you shouldn't risk getting hurt or feeling bad about yourself because of his actions.

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