Idk why my ex bothers msging me.

I broke up with my girl about a month ago. I had to Because she was giving some guy more attention then me. Lol the whole ordeal is on here if your interested. Now I haven't initiated no contact at all towards her. But she suddenly messages me about wanting to fix things. The thing that ruined our relationship was still in her life so I knew it was bs. She tells me if it was alright if she was messaging me. I was cool at first but now I'm not. I sincerely loved this girl and soon I knew I would fall for her again. I should hate her but I don't. I want to get back with her, but I can't. So I have to do what I have to which is stopping myself... Any advise?...


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  • My ex does this too. Either they think there's unfinished business or they're bored and want attention/a backup plan

  • do you want to be with her? if not just simply send her a message saying you feel its not the best idea to keep in contact at this point in your life.

    If you do tell her a relationship is between two people and you feel like the other guy is interfearing in that. If she is willing to take him out of the picture you are willing to give it a shot but as long as he is involved you are not interested.


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