Do I show up for the date?

Ive been talking to a guy for @3 weeks. Yesterday I say wana meet up tomorrow Friday? He texts back YES lets meet tomorrow. I say Great can't wait.

TODAY (date day) I text so 6ish at specific location..this is @ 9am...its 245PM with NO RESPONSE! Do I go to the specified location? And wouldn't you think he'd cancel or say yes or even no?

So do I go?


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  • I'd wait until you really have to start getting ready. If there's still no response from him, then don't go.

    • Thanks for your imput, I was gona go from work..not really get ready so to speak just brush my hair etc.

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    • Your little comment has empowered me so thank you so much...THIS guy of a weeks has taken over my brain in a bad way and I can't escape it. I truly appreciate you and your advice!

    • Well I've been there before. Don't let him steer your life, not even in the smallest way. If he doesn't reply, so close to the date, he doesn't respect you. And he surely doesn't deserve you.

      And thanks for the BA! =)

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  • i would personally go and wait for half an hour (as long as its in a public place so you're safe if it turns sour) just so you know you went and know 100% if he turned up or not, otherwise he could weedle out of trouble by lying that he turned up when he didn't and make you feel bad for not going yourself.

    i think he is either busy at work or he is getting nervous and not sure whether to cancel or go

    • yea nothing like saying I saw your text and showed but you weren't there! Dating is for the BIRDS- its to gona go buy 10 cats to live with I swear! ughhhh