Would you date someone who is easy to get over?

my friend moved this girl into his house due to the fact he was talked into it and also paid because she had a living situation with her mom and aunt. she moved into the house near the end of 2012 and till this very day he regrets it. the girl has become obsessed over him and creates drama over him. we don't even hang out anymore because it seems as though she don't want him alone. she be around him so much more than anything. my friend has two jobs and the girl works a job but can only work the same morning shift as he does. she hates driving and basically he had to finish her mom job raising her. every single place he has to drive her. its like a chauffeur job. she in the military and only do drill weekends and he has to take her there also. the only thing she good at is spending money on crazy things like weave, expensive makeup, his clothes, and his bills and etc. she will believe anything he tell her and he said he hates easy girls. she be around him so much that they can't even accuse each other of anything. even though she has a housing situation and is deploying in may he wants to breakup with her before time. do you prefer to date someone you can easily get over?


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  • No. I would want to date someone who makes me happy and who I am compatible with.


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