Ladies, a reason to have opposite emotional tone in text compared to phone convos with an ex?

Do any of you ladies notice if you've ever had a different tone when texting someone compared to talking to that same person over the phone? Particularly with an ex?

For instance, let's say you and your ex still talk. Has it ever been the case where in text you're playful or positive, but over the phone you're kind of spiteful or cold? Or vice versa - you're standoffish or spiteful over text, but on the phone you're happy and joking? and again - with the same person. I suppose it can be anyone, but specifically if this were an ex.


oh, I'm going to assume it's because in one format, you feel more comfortable truly expressing yourself, whether that true expression is the negative/spiteful emotion or the positive/happy emotion.


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  • Alchohol?


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