I agreed to meet tomorrow. Was this a good idea?

So I never did the dating online thing but the other night I joined one just to see what happens and a guy messaged me. After talking for a while he asked to see my pics so we exchanged pics. After that he asked if I would hang out with him the next day. I agreed but after agreeing realized it was way too soon. So the next day I told him I couldn't I was too busy. We texted pretty much the entire day and I enjoyed talking to him a lot. He made me laugh and seems really sweet. He asked me if I was done with my errands if I wanted to hang out and I said I couldn't so then he asked about the night and I said I couldn't. Then later he IMed me again asked how I was doing, how my errands were and if I was done and asked If I could hang out. So I said no again. After I said no he would end it and be like ok that's fine.

But I agreed to meet tomorrow. Was this a good idea? or should I wait til later in the week. We agreed to meet at the mall so it's a public place and my friend knows I'm going.

just so everyone knows. we did meet and he was super sweet and wasn't weird at all.


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  • I generally would exchange several emails with the person to get a better sense on who they are - not just text messages.

    I think it's smart of you to meet in a very public place and what I would do is have your one of your friends to text you 30 mins into your meeting him - that gives you an out if you need it. Also if you can, have your friends be around the mall area so when you leave you can possibly meet them so you're not leaving alone.

    • Also I agree with the others - he seems kinda desperate and in a rush. If you think it's too soon, then it is.

    • We talked through AIM and text. He agreed meeting at the mall was good. I also told my friend I was going there, I told her to text me 15 minutes through and we have a plan that if it's bad she needs to call me. I feel comfortable talking to him like we did the entire day so I think I'll be ok and I also saw his facebook and he seems normal.

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  • Hmmm... the guy sounds somewhat desperate, but that doesn't mean he's some pervert or something. If you're in a public place and you make sure to tell people you know that you're going there and what his name is, I don't think it's the biggest risk in the world. There are some creeps out there though, so watch out. Generally, most of the men though are decent people just trying to find a legitimate date.


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  • No that's crazy why is he in a rush.. how old is this fool.. you already gave him your number..no no for me that's way to soon you need to talk more first. Why is he so desperate to hang out with you that's creepy. DO NOT GO THATS TOO SOON..

    • He's 23 and I'm 18. I feel like he just had nothing to do and was bored and that's why he was rushing it. I don't know.

    • No don't give excuses..for me I see dating websites for older people not like 50 or 60 but people who are ready to settle down why isn't he out young and fresh findng people that way. to me he sounds desperate..

    • Actually a lot of people yonger than that use dating sites. my friend met her boyfriend there. I figured I'd try it because I want to meet guys and when I'm not at school I feel like there isn't any way for me to meet them. I also don't see how it's any different then meeting a guy at a bar. I know you getting a better feel for the person when you meet them in person but you still don't know them when you go hang out again.

  • Doesnt mean he won't be weird in future...was he cute

    • True but that's like with everyone you first meet. yes, he was cute. we walked around the mall and then we got pizza and he took me to a bakery(cause I love bakeries) and hung out in the park. we were together for like 4 hours. it went really well so I hope we hang out agin.

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