What's your take on this? (Long question)

On Friday me and the guy I'm dating started bickering because last sat he said he would hang out with me and then when I went to confirm he said he had his friends bday to go to .. so I got annoyed because he is so inconsiderate.. This is a common theme in his behavior. He's a great guy and I could see myself with him forever though and he does feel the same way.. but our differences are annoying..And we've only been dating for about 3 months. It's hard for me to understand men .. anyway, he text me late on Friday night and said that he cleared the night to hang out with me. I told him I didn't want him to do that. Then he got mad that I said that. The next morning he text me that he doesn't like that I make him feel pressured to see me. So of course if he says that I'm thinking he is going out and not seeing me. For the record though- I see him about 4 times a month because we don't live very close and during the week we both work. ...last night he text me to come over and what a coincidence.. I'm sick... He wasn't mad at me but then he went on and on about how I flipped out on him and now look I can't hang out anyway and he cleared his night.. We end that bickering moment and then discuss Vday plans. End convo and he text me this-

Him: love you

Him: Lol

Me: Lol Right [kiss face]

Him: You love me

Me: You want me to love you

Him: You do, I know. it's ok

Me: What! Omg lol...you're something else. And actually I think you love me lol

Him: Ha Lay off the DayQuil

Him: You must be getting sick

Me: Ugh gross.. fine then lol

Him: Maybe one day. You have potential.

Me: you're so annoying

Him: May let you have my babies

Me:Another annoying comment... Let me see if you're worthy of me. Who knows if you are. You have potential though but let's see. I'm not really sure. Maybe one day

And then he just sent sad face emoticons and then said something sexual to me..

Is this manipulation of what? Maybe he is scared because he is falling in love with me ? And so maybe he's trying to feel me out to see if it's safe. We've never said we love each other. It's too soon for that if you ask me.. but we have told each other that we got a strange feeling the first night we met.. I know he's gonna marry me lol but dating is so annoying to me.. so much work. confusion Need help!


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  • it sounds at least to me that you are playing too hard to get there in the text, I know it is hard to understand guys and at 42 I'm still learning. But I think even though he was sort of an ass about it he did make and succeed at the effort of making time for you, and he got upset that you told him, after he had done all that, that you didn't want him to do that. A blow to the ego for him.

    So later he texted you trying in a guys way to tell you he was sorry by saying he loved you and asking you if you loved him and personally I think you could have been a little nicer and let by gones be bygones.

    • You're right, I should be nicer.. thank you. I just don't like when men throw the love word around. I've only told one man I loved him.

    • oh I see I didn't know the feelings werent reciprocated..lol

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