Does it matter who texts first?

I've been talking to this guy for almost two months. I'm 22 and he's 27. I iniaite conversation about 90% of the time. He does sometimes just not as much as me. I'm not going to sit around and wait to talk, if I want to talk to him I'll text him.

When texting people I've heard so many different things...things like:

Guys should be the one to text first, because they like the chase. You'll look desperate and clingy if you text first.

Is he thinking these types of things when I text him first?


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  • yes it does matter...guys want to chase.. they want to think that you are a prize and they have to win you.. if you contact him 90% f the time that's kinda saying he's not into you that much...sure hell respond but he seems kinda meh about it. You should only initate after every 5th time he does. Sounds like he likes the attention you give him tho.. but hell never be crazy in love with you if your always reaching out to him... and eventually hell get bored of you texting him all the time when a new girl comes along and is a challenge he has to work for he will leave you in the dust... they like to think they have to catch you and win you over it makes you seem so much more of a prize.. you get things given to you you don't value them as much same as this.. make him work for it trust me he doesn't forget about you... if he wants to message you and if he likes you he will... and if he doesn't ever initiate after you stop... he didn't like you... let him message first and take your time responding..

  • Does he respond to you quickly? Does he take a super long time to respond? Has he told that likes to text or not? Honestly, I see nothing wrong in you texting first, but I would back off a bit just to see how much interest he has in you! It's not a desperate or clingy test, I would just test to see if he has just as much interest in you as much as you have in him. You know it's funny cause it's programmed in guys too to not look "desperate" or "clingy" it honestly goes both ways. I have a lot of guy friends and they will say to me sometimes, "Should I text her? Or would I look desperate or weird?" And I have girlfriends that say the same thing, lol! So you really shouldn't worry about that. You both are grown adults, and I think it would be immature on his part to say "Oh she's clingy" But yeah test it out and see if he initiates. It depends though on the situation like my questions in the first sentence, lol! Good luck! :)

    • He texts back pretty fast within a min or two :)

      Thanks for the advice

    • Oh well then he likes you! Cause trust me guys don't text back quickly if they are not interested. I really wouldn't look at it is as desperate or clingy cause you could say the exact same thing to him cause he responds quickly, lol! So it would be hypocritical. But like I said back off a bit and let him kinda put some effort since you are putting a lot of effort into contacting him. Take care and I hope everything works out! Good luck sweetie! :)

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