Is my rebound trying to turn things?

i hooked up with him after I broke up with my ex in November. there is a lot of chemistry between us but all the girls think he's hot and he's a player. He also has more experience than me and I'm not sure I want to be in a relationship right now so I've been trying not to get too emotionally invested. we talk several times a week and flirt a lot but this morning he texted me and told me that he "had a dream that one of his friends was hitting on me and he got defensive" and that he wanted to see me more and thinks I'm girlfriend material. He already knows I would hook up with him again so why would he tell me he sees me as girlfriend material if he didn't mean it? could he really be looking to settle down? I just don't want to be lead on


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  • That's a classic 'line', saying you dreamed about someone. I would be he tells this to nearly every female he gets to know.

    You're doing the right thing by staying at distance from this guy. He's trying to manipulate you and take advantage of your lack of experience with guys like him.


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  • Why do you girls put yourself in these situations?

    You aren't over your ex, clearly ... you aren't ready for a relationship? Why are you hooking up with someone?

    You need to take a major step back and find out how you feel.


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  • Ask him what his intentions are. Be honest and tell him you're not ready for a relationship now, but may be open to it in the future.

    Let him know that you're down to hookup whenever, but you're not ready for a relationship yet.