Wont say he loves me but...

When we were first dating for one to two months, without knowing me prior he would tell me "I love you" this would piss me off because I know he wasn't in love with me and I hated him saying those words. I don't say those words unless I mean them, so I wouldn't say them to him... he stopped saying it because I told him how I felt about that.

Because we have been together for 8 months now... I am ready to tell him I love him, and have even said it... he never says it back though. He will just pull me closer , and hug me harder...

Why won't he say it? I guess it's cause he doesn't feel for me the same.


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  • You know, I know two months seems early to say "I love you". But, 8 months

    isn't really that long either. My point, just because he said it early doesn't mean

    he didn't mean it. And, now that you said it, he's not saying it back. That's probably

    because he's afraid since you didn't believe him the first time, that maybe you

    won't believe him now. I mean, if the rolls were reversed and you were the one to

    say "I love you" at two months. How would you feel if he told you "he know's you don't

    mean it and makes him angry when you say that"? When the time came for him to

    finally be ready say it back to you, wouldn't that incident make you a little gun shy to

    say it to him (again)? He's probably scared and following your wishes, maybe you

    should have another talk with him, so he knows it's okay to say it back.

  • Well, he's doing what you asked of him. It seems to me that you wanted him to say it when YOU were ready to say it, not because there wasn't real emotion behind it or else you wouldn't be upset.