Men do the hunting, women do the recruiting. Sux doesn't it?

Right now, men have to do the hard work of hunting a female.

Women just have to sit there like recruitment agents, and 'work hard' at sifting through the applications and reject those who don't meet her super high standards.

Do you think the tables will ever turn?


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  • Women do the choosing because when it comes to sex, it's more risky for us. Women are the ones who usually get stuck with pregnancy and child rearing. So we have to be selective.

    When sex starts being risky for men (more so than with women), I imagine that's when the tables will turn. Although I'll let you know that it gets frustrating when the only guys who "apply for the job" are, well, not what I'm looking for (and my standards aren't high). If I were in your position, I'd be grateful for the ability to choose who to apply to, rather than waiting for a good applicant to come around.

    • There's contraception for that.

    • Really? I had no idea. ;P

      I'm talking from a biology standpoint. Physically, if a pregnancy happens, it's the woman who has to live with it. It's true she can have an abortion (it's legal unfortunately) but that still means she has to go through an invasive procedure on her body and live with the consequences afterwards.

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  • Why is everything so primitive and violent when referring to women? You know things are murdered during the hunting process right?

    Perhaps that is the problem with most men, who don't bring home a carcass to bed.

  • Have you ever considered that some guys should have higher standards and then they would have a better experience dating? For instance, not investing in a girl he doesn't know just because he sexually desires her and then waiting to see if they even get along or have anything in common worth pursuing?

    Seeing females as objects to obtain shows why you may have issues getting a relationship. The same goes for girls who just see guys as a meal ticket or a status symbol. Many of them, unless they're high on the "barter scale" end up single.

    So some really rich guys or beautiful women can have phony relationships based on superficial criteria. They're also usually getting their other needs met by other people they pay for in some way.l

    But most of us in the real world need to find someone who is compatible on more levels. So dating should be about finding the right person, not just anyone.

    • The problem is women go for men who are 10 times above their league, and they know how to use their assets to seduce these men. And don't make the accusation that it's just men who want sex..most women only want a hot guy who can fk them and give them materialistic benefits..and only prayyy that this guy also gives them love/attention. They know very well before hooking up with this guy that they'll never get that but still go for it..and end up being miserable

    • Total hyperbole. The manosphere is jerking you off, making you enjoy your pity party ... but it's not helping you find a date here in the real world. A guy who hates women because the hot ones don't fall at his feet doesn't love them any more than the rich/hot guy who uses them.

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  • Probably not in my lifetime, nor in yours. I'm not going to get into a debate over who has it harder, but suffice it to say I don't necessarily agree with your simplification. Can we agree, however, that bemoaning the facts of life is pointless? Can we agree that complaining how difficult it is to meet "her super high standards" does nothing to make one more attractive to the opposite sex?

  • The tables will turn eventually. Some other countries are already farther down the same timeline than we are. Japan, for instance, where a famous city, once known as the marriage capital of the country, now caters to men who have married a digital girlfriend. They have special stands set up so that the guy can take pictures and it will super impose the girl from the game into the pic.

    It's completely ridiculous, I know. The tables will turn, but it won't be in our generation. What is going to happen is, when all of these 'scene/club girls turn 30, they're going to become extremely desperate for anything they can get (they won't be faithful, tho, because so many of them are bratty children)

    There are a few good girls out there, and the guys who get them are going to be lucky. They are going to be the guys who end up having 2 or 3 kids from the same woman, instead of that one woman having 3 or 4 different baby daddy's lol

    Most women live in a fantasy-reality. Most women don't develop actual hobbies (outside of clothes and other things that can boost their social standing), whereas, most men do, as, being successful at something (be it Call of Duty, surfing, or whatever) improves a man's self-worth. The difference between the two things is, men actually develop skills, whereas most women only develop social skills, to the detriment of other abilities (which leads to an increased ratio of clumsiness in women compared to men, among other things)

    Women as a whole, in our society, are much less able to make choices on their own, and stand on their own, because they were never taught that they would need to learn how to survive and take care of themselves because most of them live under the presumption that someone else will do it. Lots of women get advanced degrees today solely to increase their chances of finding a mate with a similar level of worth (without considering that they still have to pay back those college loans, whoops, I mean, he does because she's not working anymore)

    To any ladies or anyone else who thinks my view is sexist. This is how I think most women are, and I have Asperger's syndrome. I don't get a lot of the social games that people play, or when they are being sarcastic/etc. I see the world completely differently than most of you. You are all living in the world, and I'm just someone who watches you all. However, only someone who is outside of a photograph can see the whole picture for what it is. You can't tell what's in the picture if you're stuck inside the frames. Only the person with the camera can see that, and I am the camera.

    Plus, I think that most women will agree with me, that most other women suck.

    • PS, I type 85 words per minute and that took me 5 minutes. Top answer or kiss my behind.

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    • You never had any female friends or family that have been left by men, or abused, or raped? You don't have any gay friends that were cheated on by men, or used just for sex or money? I'm not a man and I know that women can do awful things, however that doesn't mean that these women are the representation of most women. You've made blanket sexist statements that paint a majority of women in a bad light. And even said most women are the same. You're free to have your own perspective.

    • Most PEOPLE are the same. Again, a lowest common denominator does exist (and it is the largest majority). Have I ever known girls who have been raped? Yes, I've even dated some, and most of the time they enjoy rape-play. There are two ways things can go when a person is raped/molested... either sex becomes no big deal to them, like a handshake, or sex becomes something very private and sacred. The mind has to choose one of those 2 things to rationalize still enjoying sex after rape trauma.

  • I doubt it will ever reach the scale in which men do the approaching, I heard that 80 or 90 percent of male sealions die virgins, and they are mammals to

  • The tables won't turn because even the guys who can meet women's standards come off as desperate and thristy. Men have been brainwashed into believing that they won't get a woman if they don't approach them. Most men are dumb enough to fall for this, but there's some out there who don't approach women and still are able to land them.

    • Just as there's a feminist movement, imagine if there was a masculine movement..

      The feminist's manipulation: "All men want from us is sex. They don't love us/treat us as humans" (but hey..girls don't go for the nice guy..but rather for the a-hole who uses them)

      Men respond with: "Oh're a very lovely person, and I want to treat you with respect..not as an object"

      Potential masculine argument: "All women want is our money/attention..they don't respect our dicks"

      Female response?

    • Imagine if every man joined this masculine movement and refused to hunt for women.

      Do you know why it won't work? Because men probably need sex more than women need attention or material assets in this day and age...why? Because women have equal employment opportunities to build up their own assets, and they can get their attention through social media..they don't have to physically be present with a man for that.

      Summary: The power will be in favour of women forever.

      Keep up the hunt.

    • Women need it too they are just brainwashed to use as a tool to manipulate and dumb guys fall for it everytime.

  • I thought the table was turned on it's side. That this happens to both men and women. Some men nowadays are the recruiters while some men are the hunters and vice versa for the ladies.

  • It doesn't suck at all.

    If you want to go with the employment analogy... some girls are like some really sucky jobs - no one wants to apply there. And there is nothing they can do to get more CV's in the door.

    Some girls are like really awesome jobs, and yeah they will have a lot of CV's / applicants. So what?

    Market forces kid - you'll get what you're worth, so long as you keep applying. But if you only apply to Mcjobs, or won't apply anywhere at all, that's your choice to stay on single-palm welfare.

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