Online dating question regarding girls' email counts

When I talk to girls who date online they tell me how they get tons of emails. Some get like 30-50 daily they tell me.

Do any of you girls who date online do anything to reassure the guy you will not be meeting anyone else? Or do you even schedule to meet other guys even at different times during the week? I feel like girls forget that the guy is walking into a date knowing the girl gets a lot of messages. So if she doesn't show true interest back, the guy will feel like she'll just meet another guy who messaged her.


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  • What I know about online dating, which is a lot, I married a man from Egypt on Facebook, flying off on a whim and a prayer to his country three years ago, is there is always a chance Anyone can be talking and texting to someone else on other millions of sites. There are of course no guarantees until two people discover they are really into one another and maybe even fall in love. Then it becomes a matter of trust, loyalty, and believe me, I have had my fair share with a husband and---past dates----about "chit chatting and hooking up." But it is the same on the other side of the "cam" for me as well.

    Online dating is actually becoming more and more prevalent today for meeting the right one. Once you have educated yourself into knowing what to look for and to avoid, with a reputable dating site, it can be a perfect match made in heaven.

    Nothing is guaranteed in life but death and taxes, and the same goes for on the line love, but then again, that same phrase goes for outside the love connection as well. Just because you meet someone who you can visibly see and meet at first, is no guarantee What their story may be, or How it will turn out when you find out that they are either-----interested or---even scheduled to meet other people at a different time or place.

    Anyone who reads this will get my message.xx

    • If anything, online dating is completely broken, at least for guys. Paid sites like eHarmony are the absolute worst because 90% or more of the accounts that you are matched with are NOT subscribers, and you have no way of telling who's a subscriber. You can't even restrict your matches to be only other subscribers. So 90% of the people you are matched with you can't communicate with, so you're competing with all of the other guys for the other 10% which have incredibly high standards.

    • And this is all on top of the fact that the male:female ratio on dating sites is usually around 10:1. It's completely broken for guys.

    • There ARE other reputable dating sites, hundreds of them..You just need to educate yourself with what to look for and to avoid. I have a cousin who went on "Christian Mingle" and found a perfect mate. I have joined a few, and in the date, dated a few great guys, and even Facebook, my husband from Egypt, had found me.

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  • I can't speak for everybody but I don't date when I have an interest in more than one person. I wait until I figure out what I want or I don't date any of them and stay single. See if she will meet you on specific days. If she is always saying "sorry I am busy this day, how about that day." then it might mean she is meeting other guys. Somebody who is only seeing you will probably have a consistent schedule where they are busy certain days and free other days but the same days busy and same days free every week.

  • I've done the online dating thing for a bit, and I got tons of messages. With that being said, only about a handful actually got read and responded to because the rest were from perverts. Plus, I'm the kind of person to devote my time to one person at a time.


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