When is it appropriate to text a guy that I am thinking of him?

Guys: when is it appropriate to text a guy that I am thinking of him? I consider him to be both a friend and colleague even though we do not talk that much and we used to go to the same community college together but now we are both at separate universities. Is it alright to even text him or tell him for that matter that I am thinking of him or would that be awkward?


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  • Thinking of him NO! txting yes, just say hello what's up what are you up to maybe he will ask you out (as a friend) and then who knows, it will be your decision. But telling him that you thinking about him DON"T DO IT.

    • What do you mean by your last sentence "But telling him that you thinking about him DON"T DO IT"? It contradicts the first statement about texting him and saying hello unless you were implying to text him how I feel instead of calling, right?

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    • I am very patient this is the second time that I have texted him and I have been waiting for the right moment, and feeling for the past year. Plus, I had to learn how to text since I just got a cell phone a year ago and am still learning how to text properly and how to say it to others over text.

    • If you have good friends that care about you consult with them, two heads is better than one :)

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  • It depends on a lot of things... What are your instincts telling you?

    Sometimes, it is a good idea, when you have the urge... to wait. Wait on your emotions... Sometimes the exact right time will pop into your heart, then go ahead and text him. :)

  • If it's not meant to be romantic, then it's not really appropriate. If it is, text him whenever you want to and you feel that way, those things shouldn't be kept to yourself.

  • Do it. He'll appreciate it.

    • Thank you for telling me that he would appreciate it. It really encouraged me.

    • You're welcome :). I've always appreciated it any time that a girl has told me it. No matter how long it has been since we last saw each other or talked.

  • Is this a friend that you only want as a friend?

    • Sort of. Right now were both are pursing our schoolwork diligently and are too busy for a relationship at the moment plus neither of us has never dated.

    • Make up your mind on what you want before deciding. If you don't want a relationship or anything with the guy, don't bother saying anything. If you miss him strictly as a friend and just want somebody to hang out with because you need to pass the time a bit and socialize, text him, but not that you miss him or have been thinking about him. If you decide you want something more, then you can text him that you've been thinking about him and try to push the conversation towards meeting up.

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