Like two guys What would you do?

I have just started talking to this guy and we talk all night long and I am starting to like him more than a friend but I have my boyfriend... my boyfriend just asked this other girl out to the dance and all he could do was ask me before he does so.

But nope he asks her then asks me... Should I go out with this other guy? What would you guys do/think about this situation?


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  • Your boyfriend isn't so serious about you, so why be serious about him? But don't go out with the other guy behind his back. You[ll get a reputation you'll take a long time to recover from.


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  • Easy analogy: "He said, she said."

    I say drop the boyfriend, he sounds unsteady, and pick up with the new guy you are talking to now. You and your boy wonder don't seem to be playing the same song anymore when it comes to having a relationship, so play the field, and tell him to: "Enjoy the dance."

  • If my boyfriend asked a different girl to a dance I would be annoyed but ask him why he did it. Maybe it's not a big deal to him. After talking to your boyfriend if it seems its not right for you then end it and see what happens with the guy you like. But do not go out with the new guy until you have ended things with your boyfriend because its not right but also will give you a bad reputation. Hope it all works out!

  • you're still young; you surely won't get married with your current boyfriend so enjoy! pick the one you really like. that's what I would do if I were your age